The first public post of my new blog

Hello World!

With all of the various programming languages I have learned and worked with this is probably the first time I have done a ‘Hello World’ project. Considering the number of ways I am starting over it just seemed right to open this blog with those words.

About this blog

I consider this blog a place for me to log any thoughts, ideas, and experiences I want to share, over time, in the form of posts. I may also my write articles that go more in depth on subjects I want to share in the form of pages.

No pictures?

This blog will always have exactly the number of pictures I can see and enjoy — in other words, none. The word ‘blind’ in the blog title is quite literal — and while screen readers may help me read and write text without too much issue, pictures are still out of their scope. Pictures, videos, GIFs, and other non-test visuals are being deliberately left out (although you may see a limited number of emoji’s like ":-)" and ";-)" from time to time because many screen readers seem to understand the basic ones)

What do I expect to post here?

I plan to keep things simple to start. My first few posts after this one will most likely be about my experience getting this blog set up. It’s been much more of an adventure than I ever expected.

Beyond that, I am still figuring things out. The main purpose I have for this site is to practice writing and other computer related tasks using a screen reader — and publicly writing posts for a personal blog seemed like as good a way to do that as any. You see, the whole blind thing is relatively new t me and this is a way to practice some of the skills I have had to learn.

About me

I’m still figuring this out as well. Before my vision loss I knew exactly who I was and where my life was going. As ironic as this may sound, my vision loss has opened my eyes to a lot of things I just did not see before and I am trying to decide if I want to continue from where I left off. We’ll soon what happens.

If you managed to get this far—

—thank you for putting up with my ramblings. We’ll see if regularly writing helps me get any better at this

Always remember to take time to enjoy the day.